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You are invited to be involved in the St Davids Peninsula Community Land Trust by joining as a member.

The aim of the St Davids Peninsula Community Land Trust

Our aim is to underpin the vitality and long term sustainability of the communities of the St. Davids peninsula by providing affordable housing for local families, replacing what has been lost over the past generation to second home ownership and holiday letting.

How the trust will be organised

The CLT will have a Board of Directors elected from amongst interested members. The Board will also include a representative from each of the five community councils of the peninsula, St. Davids, Solva, Llanrhian, Mathry and Brawdy and the four respective County Councillors. Decisions will be taken by the CLT Board. A CLT is probably the only way local people who cannot afford to pay the market price for freehold homes will be able to live on the Peninsula, as well as enable those who have left to come home to the area. This is because a CLT is a unique housing organisation – providing homes collectively owned by local people, for local people in perpetuity.


It is very important that as many people who live and/or work in the Peninsula become CLT members. That gives the CLT credibility and clout with official bodies. But most importantly, it means the whole community is sharing in taking responsibility for the provision of new affordable housing and other amenities.
Membership of the CLT costs £1 and means that an individual can never be called on to contribute further monies and also that they cannot receive any financial benefit. There are no other risks or liabilities for that individual, other than they are unlikely to ever receive their £1 back. The CLT will be a not-for-profit organisation, so any surplus must be reinvested in community assets.

Every member has the right to stand for election as a Director of the CLT. Each Director is individually responsible for ensuring proper decisions are made at the right time based on the best information available. There will be insurance cover for the Directors provided by the CLT, as well as written guidance and training.

The ultimate vision is to maintain the historic communities of the St. Davids peninsula, their schools, institutions and services, by enabling young local families to live and thrive in the area to which they belong.

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